Young girl having a loose tooth

Plan Ahead for the First Loose Tooth!

IT’S TIME FOR your child’s first loose tooth! A GREAT WAY to make the prospect of losing that first baby tooth less scary is to help kids see it as an exciting rite of passage: losing a first tooth is a major part of being a big kid, just like learning to ride a bike and tie their own shoelaces. It’s a big, exciting step, and hopefully, they’ll be able to see it that way with a little help.


What’s Your Strategy?

Any loose tooth game plan should include the actual strategy for helping the tooth come out. We would discourage parents from chasing their kids around with a pair of pliers, as that won’t be very fun for them. Encourage them to wiggle the tooth often with their tongue or a clean finger to help it along, and try not to force the issue if they’re still too nervous. It’s generally best to wait until the tooth is very loose to eliminate any pain and for the tooth to fall out easily and quickly!


Give Your Child an Active Role

When it comes to pulling the tooth out, there’s the old standby of tying some dental floss around a doorknob, but parents could also make it a little more unique by tying the floss to a Nerf dart, a toy arrow, or the dog’s collar. See which one the child likes best.


Don’t Forget to Celebrate!

Once the tooth is out, it’s time to celebrate! That could be as simple as waiting for the Tooth Fairy, but maybe a new toy or a trip to get ice cream would be more exciting. Including some kind of reward, even a small one, will help them have something to focus on besides the scary parts of their first loose tooth.

We can’t wait to hear about your child’s first loose tooth experience!

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