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Most Childhood Tooth Injuries Are Preventable

  MOST OF US can remember the scraped knees and other bumps and bruises we got as we were growing up and discovering the world around us. As parents, we want our kids to get the most out of childhood while hopefully avoiding some of the downsides — especially preventable tooth injuries. Here are a few

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Show Off With Some Weird Mouth Trivia

  THE NEXT TIME you need an ice-breaker, why not toss out a few weird mouth facts? We’re confident you’ll be able to impress your friends. Fact #1: We Need our Spit to Taste Our Food Our saliva plays a crucial role in facilitating our sense of taste. Without it, the ten thousand taste buds on our

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Make a Plan for the First Loose Tooth!

LOSING BABY TEETH is a perfectly normal part of growing up, but it can still be a scary new experience for little kids, particularly the first time. Parents can make it easier by encouraging the right mindset. Emphasize that losing a tooth is part of being a big kid! Help them focus on what an

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3 Incredible Women in Dental History

THROUGHOUT HISTORY, WOMEN have faced numerous challenges in pursuing their careers. Dentistry is no exception. It has taken significant determination and persistence for women to establish themselves in the field of dentistry. In this blog post, we will be discussing three pioneers of women in dentistry: Ida Gray, Lucy Hobbs Taylor, and Emeline Roberts Jones.

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Which Kids’ Toothbrush Is Best?

HERE’S A HANDY GUIDE that can help parents navigate the toothbrush aisle the next time they need to replace a child’s toothbrush (which should be every few months — certainly by the time the bristles look bent). Start out by choosing from toothbrushes with the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance. Manual or Electric Toothbrush? Next, electric

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Tips for Men’s Oral Health

ON AVERAGE, BOYS and men are up to 20% less likely to brush twice a day and even less likely to replace their old toothbrushes on a regular basis than girls and women. Luckily, it’s a simple problem to fix: make brushing for two full minutes a regular part of the morning and nighttime routine!

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Dental Health and Eating Disorders

EATING DISORDERS ARE incredibly dangerous, sometimes life-threatening mental conditions. The first health impacts that probably come to mind are the psychological toll they take and the malnutrition they cause if left unchecked. However, they also take a toll on oral health. Our teeth and gums require a variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to stay

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18 Jan
Botox syringe with red lipstick on a calendar with Botox written

The Different Uses Of Botox In Dentistry

A dentist who is qualified to administer Botox® can treat patients for both medical and cosmetic concerns. When searching “Botox injections near me”, many patients only look for their local plastic surgeon or dermatologist. However, the use of Botox in dentistry continues to gain popularity. Botox works by blocking certain nerve signals to muscles, or

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5 Jan
A hand holding a sparkler for Happy New Year wishes

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Better Dental Health

Welcome to 2023! The New Year always brings with it renewed hopes and dreams for a better year ahead. And if you’re like most of us, you’ve probably already committed to some New Year’s resolutions, like eating healthy, exercising more, and spending less. Here at our Manasquan Dental Spa, Dr. Barba and the Team would

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15 Nov
what toothpaste is made of - Person's arm holding toothbrush showing

What Is Toothpaste Made Of?

PEOPLE HAVE USED some form of paste to help keep their teeth clean since at least 3000 BC in ancient Egypt. Modern toothpaste first appeared in the 1700s and was usually homemade. A dentist first added soap to dental paste in 1824, and John Harris added chalk in the 1850s. 20 years later, Colgate began

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